More bullshit about making Telcos improve

By | 2011/06/19

In “Telcos on notice to improve service” (The Age, 19 June 2011), the Minister For Censorship AKA the Communications Minister, Stephen Conroy, is quoted as saying:

“I have been warning the telecommunications companies to lift their game for years and I am annoyed that again and again they have failed to do so”

He apparently went on to say:

“I sympathise with customers who have suffered poor service at the hands of the telecommunications companies.

“It is simply not good enough and now they are effectively on notice that if they don’t improve their practices themselves, the government will step in to ensure consumers get quality customer service.”

Oh really? If the government were actually serious about reigning in the worst excesses of the Telcos, the telecommunications ombudsman would actually have teeth. Instead, it doesn’t – and instead the government will just sabre rattle for another 12 months and make another spineless announcement again then.

It’s like the parent who constantly threatens a child that if they don’t behave they’ll get in trouble by counting “1 … 2 … 3!” but then nothing happens on 3. Just like the child, the Telcos know the government is full of shit and just keep doing what they want to do – run roughshod over consumers.

Here’s an extract from an email I received within the last few months from the Telecommunications Ombudsman which goes to show the government is full of shit:

The TIO cannot direct Telstra to change it’s policy or billing systems. If you have incurred a specific detriment due to the delay in usage data the TIO may be able to consider your complaint further. However, as that does not appear to be the case I am of the opinion that the TIO cannot take further action on your complaint.

So the government threatens the Telcos to improve their game “or else”, but their “or else” is a toothless tiger.

Go government! If only they invested half as much time into controlling the Telcos as they did in trying to keep me “in my place” as a second class citizen…