I'm tired of all the hate

By | 2010/03/21

“Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn” are the immortal words from Gone with the Wind (a movie I’ve never seen, and I’m unlikely to see).

I’m tired of all the hate out there – Israel and Palestine are forever at each other’s throats, country X hates country Y, and fundamentalists of all persuasions want to bend everyone else to their will. Some want to do it with fake love, some want to do it with bombs – the end result is all the same: there is too much hate in the world.

There are many races on this world, but those races aren’t the English, the Americans, the French, the Iraqis, etc. They’re not even caucasians, negroes, asians, etc. We are one race – the human race. Then there’s dogs and cats and primates and dolphins and fish and sharks and crocodiles and birds and …

The self obsessed attitude of some humans to think that they have a birthright for either controlling others or controlling the world is sick. We are not the rulers of the world – as the (supposedly) highest intelligence on the planet we’re the custodians, and that means we’re obligated to look after the world and all its inhabitants. We can’t do that while we’re squabbling over petty hatreds, no matter how long they’ve been running for.

During primary school I had a vicious, mean brute of teacher who used to pick children up and shake the shit out of them in fits of rage when she decided they’d been too naughty. I was on the receiving end of that rage on a few occasions; sometimes it was for a good reason, and sometimes I was either in the wrong place at the wrong time, or that she just didn’t give a shit who was in the wrong and who was in the right, she was just going to shake both sides.

While I still think she was a nasty and bitter failure of a teacher who had no right to do what she did, these days when I think back about her and when I look at all the conflict, I see one thing in what she did that I agree with: sometimes the conflict gets so annoying that I just want to pick up both sides of it and shake them until they grow a brain. Unfortunately giving in to this makes us no better than those we are attempting to convince to grow up.

Honestly, are people that dumb that they still are incapable of resolving things through peaceful discussion and mutual sacrifice? Have we learned nothing in all these centuries of supposed “civilisation”? Some will argue “there are things worth fighting for”, but that ultimately leads to “things worth dying for”, and that ultimately leads to “things worth making other people die for”; ultimately none of these are either productive or moral.

You know what’s worth dying for? Old age.

Everything else is worth peaceful, intelligent discussions based on mutual respect and cooperation.