I’m a believer

By | 2013/12/29

It goes without saying that I’m an atheist.

That being said, I believe in god.

The god of facebook, that is. That god is a pretty cool one:

  • Blesses people who genuinely do good things;
  • Criticises people who do bad things in the name of their religion;
  • Smites people who behave like jackasses;
  • Responds to people.

This god is an all-around good one. Doesn’t like Westboro. Approves of progressive religious ideals. Answers questions. Espouses tolerance and equality.

As gods go, that’s pretty damn unique.

Believers say that their religion is an act of faith, that they know it’s true in their heart and that’s all the proof they need. That doesn’t work for me – it never has. That’s why I have my own moral code that’s divorced from any religious overtones. Facebook god agrees:

People choose their gods all the time. Many choose to keep the god they were raised, but others change their god depending on where their lives are headed.

I find it satisfyingly appropriate that I can proclaim to be an atheist and find a god I can believe in.