I’m with Stupid

By | 2013/01/15

I'm with stupidI’ve seen some stupid arguments against gun control, and to be fair, there are stupider arguments than the one I’m about to highlight, but in terms of idiotic comparisons, this probably takes the cake.

Paraphrasing, it goes like this:

“Don’t like gay marriage? Then don’t get gay married. Same applies to abortion and assault weapons.”

It’s an interesting premise, but I’ve seen more logic in a can of cola than I can see in that argument.

It might work, if only having an abortion or getting same-sex marriage caused death to bystanders. Imagine it – a young woman walks into a shopping centre, a week after having an abortion, and 25 people around her all drop dead from abortion inflicted wounds. Or, a gay couple walk into a cinema on their honeymoon, and 40 movie goers drop dead from penis inflicted wounds.

The gibberish that comes out arguing against gun control, and the civil liberty topics people try to compare it against aren’t just humorous, it’s downright insane.

Seriously, these people need to pull back and get a sense of reality.