Happy Birthday, Darren

By | 2013/05/28


I’ve been lucky enough to meet some fantastic people in my near-40 years, but I can’t emphasise enough how lucky I’ve been to meet Darren, my partner. We met in late 1996, and based on an assortment of timings, November 30 is our anniversary.

People talk of soul mates, and that’s exactly what he is. We regularly finish each others sentences, and without a doubt consider each other as best friends. When we went to a book reading by Dorothy McRae-McMahon seemingly half a lifetime ago, whilst still living in Newcastle, she autographed her autobiography for us thusly:

Brothers on the passionate journeyThere’s an essential truth to that; we’re not biological brothers or even related, of course, but the notion of a soul mate is so true that it goes beyond regular notions of connectedness; we’re brothers on the passionate journey, and twinned souls.

Our journey through life isn’t always a walk in the park – there are downs as well as ups. That being said, we’ve proven we haven’t needed those formal marriage vows “in sickness and in health, in good times and in bad” to stick by each other. The happy times are happiest when shared, the sad times most bearable when endured together.

So, Darren, all my love, all my companionship, and all my complete gratitude for your walking beside me on this great journey of life. Happy birthday, and love always. If anyone deserves a perfect day on his birthday, it’s you.