Grumpy guts

By | 2012/02/05

It’s fair to say I’ve been in a grumpy mood for most of today.

I rarely remember my dreams, and last night was generally no different – by the time I awoke I had no recollection of what had gone on in them, except in my dreams I’d been arguing with people for what seemed like hours.

I woke up in a foul mood practically itching for an argument.

Normally that would have sent me running to the internet to find something to vent my frustration on. An overly sanctimonious religious person, a homophobe, a right wing anti-people person or some new ager would have been normally fair and square in my sights today.

Up until a short while ago, I hadn’t really thought about why I didn’t. Instead, I posted the above picture to Facebook with a tag, “I’m doing my best to STFU today”.

I spent a reasonable percentage of my spare time today reflecting on some of the things that have really got under my skin lately. And so instead of going on a rant about any of them, I’m going to ask a few questions instead:

  1. Homeless people: What drives people to mock them? Some people who do it are just self-absorbed jerks, but others are people who I genuinely care about; they’re real friends, but they choose to make outrageous jokes about homeless people. I can only hope that it’s a defence mechanism – that if they don’t make a joke about it they’d cry.
  2. Reality TV Celebrities: I don’t get them. By and large, they’re narcissistic vapid fools famous for being famous. Do people watch them because they’re envious of their wealth? Of their popularity? Or is it for the road-crash value? That they want to feel morally superior to people who don’t exhibit one iota of decency? Or because it’s the simple case that everything else on TV is crap and it’s the best of a bad pick?
  3. Reality TV Weight-loss Shows. For the most part, a person’s struggle with weight is an intensely private and frustrating situation. What drives people to go onto these shows in the first place, but more so, what drives people to watch them? Maybe I’m being a cynic (yet it was recently made painfully clear to me on Facebook that I’m actually an optimist), but it strikes me that the primary motivation factor of anyone to watch this is at best the sheer road-crash horror of it, and at worse, hoping that at some point someone will collapse, there’ll be that sad instrumental music playing and a gentle female narrator explaining how the contestant was rushed to hospital but died. Or is the primary demographic of this show thin people who can “tsk tsk” about fat people who have no self control, perhaps never appreciating that the issue is so much more complex than that?

Maybe some of those questions could be read as an accusation, but I’m genuinely wanting to know the motivation behind them. I want to apply Hanlon’s Razor until Occam’s Razor demands otherwise, and that means I need to listen.

I’m over my grumpy mood, and I’d like to better understand.