Great thinking

By | 2010/06/27

I’ve recently been lucky enough to stumble across two excellent pieces of media that are extremely compelling. Both are to do with business, but not in a ho-hum boring way that you might expect. These really are quite interesting. Both were found via tweets that people had sent, which helped to reinforce how useful Twitter can be.

The first was a blog article by Don Cooper, called The Worst Thing You Can Hear from Your Customer. That worst thing is the word fine. If you think that sounds crazy, go read the blog article for an explanation of why it’s such a deadly word. Unfortunately, I can’t remember who I follow that tweeted this first one around, so I can’t credit it.

The real amazing piece of media though was Simon Sinek speaking at TED. I was lucky enough to see @markpollard tweet this when he discovered it. Simon’s piece was called How great leaders inspire action, but I think is best summed up by one of his key points:

People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.

It’s a staggeringly simple argument, and his logic is irrefutable when you look at how different businesses selling the same products can come and go while others thrive.

If you want to spend 20 minutes learning something really important, make sure you go watch Simon’s presentation over at TED.