Goodbye, Western Digital

By | 2010/03/23

I’m done with Western Digital’s drives. Over the past 5 years I’ve personally purchased at least 10 of their external drives, and have recommended friends or small companies I have involvement with to buy twice as many again. I’ve probably purchased at least 10 or more of their internals as well. So that’s a fair amount of money I’ve spent with them over the years – from a personal perspective.

One of the advantages of Western Digital external drives is that they come with a 3 year warranty. That makes it good, right?

Well, no, not really.

  • Not when you have to send a faulty drive all the way to Singapore from Australia for replacement.
  • Not when you have to spend around $15 to $20 on said postage.
  • Not when you have to wait for weeks for the drive to be processed and to be replaced.
  • Not when you request updates through the official RMA process and get ignored.
  • And the latest: not when you get shipped an alternate replacement drive (due to supply issues), but it’s missing the power adapters for Australia.
  • And not when you send 2 requests to Western Digital to fix the issue and get ignored on both counts.
  • And certainly not when you give up in disgust and go buy an extra market power supply that’ll fit the damn thing.

With no RMA system setup in Australia, I’ve thus far spent over $100 in postage and most recently self-funded power supplies for drives still in warranty. All because there’s no-where local that I can drop the failed units in at, and come pick them up when they’re ready. Australia has a population of 21 million, but apparently we’re not worth pissing on in the eyes of Western Digital in terms of support and warranty services.

So, screw you Western Digital. You’ve lost a customer. And I hope others read this and you lose a few more too.