Fred Nile: Now seemingly as crazy as a shit sandwich

By | 2011/08/05

Many of us thought that Fred Nile, an upper house MP and regular on-the-knees sideline participant for Mardi Gras was more than a bit whacko in his high moral campaigns, but this time he appears to have taken the cake. Having introduced a private members bill to kill off ethics instructions in NSW schools, he’s told the upper house that:

“(It is) a course which I believe does not teach children right from wrong but promotes the secular humanist relativist philosophy,” he said.

“I believe this is the philosophy that we saw during World War Two with the Nazis and the communists.”

‘Nazi philosophy’ behind ethics classes: Nile – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).

At this point I have to interject and suggest that Fred has appeared to have graduated from whackjob to “crazy as a shit sandwich” status.

That’s certainly how I’d interpret the evidence. It’s usually what happens when Godwin’s Law is satisfied.