Family First is a Failed Doctrine

By | 2014/02/08

The political party, Family First in Australia, has the slogan:

Strong Families. Strong Values. Strong Australia.

Anyone observing Australian politics is aware of just how intolerant Family First is, but they raise an interesting point: shouldn’t we put our families first?

Like the last 6,000+ years of human history?

Maybe it’s time we stopped putting family first and started working towards:

Strong communities. Tolerant values. Strong world.

Maybe the messes we’re in at the moment across the world come from far too much concentration on blood lines. That’s not to say that we shouldn’t care about our families, but overall the human race has reached this point by generally putting families first. Just 85 people own as much wealth as the bottom half of the world’s population combined. Climate change is still being actively denied by those who are so profit driven they care naught for the needs of others, and it’s incontestable that greed is a driving force in both the world economy and more local debates.

That’s not necessarily something to be proud of.

Maybe it wouldn’t hurt us to divert some of that concentration from those nearest us to those further away. After all, family first implies keeping up with the Joneses. How about a more radical approach of helping the Joneses?

Family first: it’s a failed doctrine.

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