"Don't vote Greens, say Catholic bishops" – Hmmm.

By | 2011/03/18

According to the SMH article, “NSW Election | Don’t vote Greens, say Catholic bishops“:

CATHOLIC bishops have warned the faithful against voting for the Greens in the state election, saying some of their policies were of ”grave concern”.

They also warn:

about voting for candidates who might share similar views, pointing out that some MPs in the main parties had voted for ”bad legislation” such as same-sex adoption.

We’re also told:

The letter outlines six areas of ”grave concern”, including the Greens’ treatment of personal drug use as a health and social issue ”and therefore acceptable”, and its efforts to legalise gay marriage.

”Changing the law on marriage would expose churches and schools to coercive pressures from the state to cease teaching their beliefs about marriage and family,” it reads.

Echoing the sentiment of a letter posted on the Christian Schools Australia website this week, it also criticised the party’s commitment to remove religious exemptions from the Anti-Discrimination Act.

So, here’s the rub: you want to be free from politics; you want public funding and resources, but you want to be free to discriminate? Oh, and you’d like to advise people how to vote, too? Well fuck you.

Get your grubby paws off my government, religion. Here’s a thought: let’s have a year where there’s not one religious figure caught fiddling with a kid, where there’s not one religious figure caught doing the wrong thing with public money, where there’s not one religious figure caught in some sort of sex or marriage scandal. Please, think of the children – and the kids.

Until then, leave the discussion of public morality to those actually fit to handle it: the people with real morals and scruples.