Don’t preach appeasement at me

By | 2012/11/02

“They’re not bigots, they just have strong religious views.”

“They’re not bigots, they just have a different cultural background.”

“They’re not bigots, they just prefer a conservative fiscal policy.”

I’m tired of people who are supportive of bigoted policies preaching at me to follow a path of appeasement. That somehow, to be the “better man”, I have to turn the other cheek and accept that there are justifiable reasons for behaving in a bigoted way, or supporting someone who has bigoted policies.

I am not that person.

I will not preach “peace in our time” if it means basic human rights get trampled.

Now, some would suggest that I’m just as intractable as my opponents on this front, but in doing so they’re at best confused. I’m not intractable, but I do refuse to continue to listen to anyone who wilfully adopts outrageous lies as “truth”. You’re entitled, as much as you want, to your own opinions. You aren’t entitled to your own facts, no matter how hard you’ve worked at inventing them to suit your point of view.

Like when Howard, for instance, tried to claim that the Hawke/Keating era had imparted no benefits on the Australian economy through their reform process – a blatent untruth. In his November 2007 7:30 interview, Howard outrageously claimed that the only reason “productivity was rising when we came to office was we were coming off the back of a recession” … despite Kerry O’Brien pointing out the factual inaccuracies – the recession had ended 5 years prior, and Labor had already acted to focus business on workplace and enterprise agreements – key to the productivity increases in the 90s.

…or when American conservatives equally blame the financial woes of their country on Obama, who wasn’t even in office when the sub-prime failures occurred. Sure, Obama increased the debt of America, but did so trying to stop a depression. And lets face it: American debt was already in the realm of “funny money”. It’s practically like complaining you’re being charged 16 blibbles instead of 12 blibbles. But no, moan and blame the guy who was trying to fix the mess left behind by previous presidents.

So please, stop telling me to “appease” the opposition. Stop telling me I should sit silently and accept that people actively campaign against human rights because of cultural or religious reasons, or they passively campaign against human rights because they’re generally supportive but prefer the fiscal policy of another politician. What sort of person puts dollars before human rights? Practically every argument in America raised against universal healthcare from the right came down to two simple words: greedy bastards.

If you tell me that by calling out howling bigots I’m “sinking to their level”, you’re at least acknowledging that they are indeed howling bigots, but you’re failing to understand that it is personal for me, because it’s my private life they’re trying to subjugate. And others, whether they’re gay, lesbian, poor, unemployed, unwell, or an asylum seeker. If you try to subjugate human rights, you’re making it personal.

Don’t preach appeasement at me.