Cattle vs Asylum Seekers

By | 2011/06/09

Recently high moral outrage has been achieved over the treatment of Australian cows, exported live to Indonesia for slaughter according to religious requirements. This has stirred up an unlikely alliance, including:

  • Vegetarians and vegans;
  • Animal rights activists;
  • Opponents of live animal exports;
  • Bogans.

Yes, bogans. This story – innocent animals being slaughtered in an “inhumane” way – appeals directly to bogans and their need to have simple things that they can become morally outraged over.

But what about innocent humans being exported against their will to other countries for “processing”? That’s right, asylum seekers. The bogans have taken over the asylum seeker discussion, not giving a rats arse about human rights or UN obligations – see here for more details on that.

Did you support or feel the anger about the live export of cows for slaughter, but are happy to see live humans, including children, exported to foreign countries, including those not that are not signatories to the human rights charter? If so, I’d call that hypocritical.

Remember, these are not people who are trying to break into our country. They’re people who are trying to save their lives, and the lives of their families. And if you put yourself in their shoes for a few minutes, you may realise why they resort to extremes.