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The overwhelming stupidity of government mandated encryption back-doors

In addition to the UK Conservatives continuing to demand an end to encryption on the vapid grounds of somehow preventing terrorism, the Australian government is keen to prove the UK Tory party doesn’t have a monopoly on stupidity by calling for a similar policy within the Five Eyes programme. The Attorney General, who loves seeing… Read More »

Australia’s Data Breach Laws: Too Little, Too Late

ITNews reports that Australia finally has mandatory data breach laws. Sadly, these are woefully inadequate, and should be a concern for anyone who transacts or interacts with Australian businesses and groups online. The data breach laws require applicable companies impacted by a data breach to notify customers within 30 days. Applicable companies. 30 days. That’s not consumer protection, that’s sophistry.… Read More »

Understanding IT is a three-edged sword

“Understanding is a three edged sword: your side, my side, and the truth.” J. Michael Straczynski, “Babylon 5” Recently I’ve been contemplating more how IT works. Not individual systems or technologies, research or development, but how the field of IT works. What does it mean to be an IT worker? How does one be a good IT worker? Good,… Read More »

Centrelink and the IT Story that Dare Not Speak its Name

There’s no doubt that the best word to describe the shenanigans going on thanks to Centrelink’s automated debt collection system is a debacle. One is reminded of Better Off Ted, where the scientists argue over whether something should be called a debacle or a disaster, and settle for disastacle. There’s another word, of course, that could be used. From The… Read More »

Hope and Fear

So Donald Trump won the US Presidential Election, and everyone on the middle to the left of politics has been left wondering how the hell that happened. The trumping of conservative and even arch-conservative views over progressive views in the last decade has been an uncomfortable fact for many who hold more progressive views. There’s a… Read More »

Australian Bureau of Statistics: Dingo Got My Census

Regardless of whether it’s #CensusFail or #CensusApocalypse, it’s fair to say the Australian 2016 Census worked as well and looked as good as diarrhoea in zero gravity. Over the course of the last 24 hours we’ve heard just about every possible scenario and cause behind the failure of the census system. Hackers launching distributed denial of service attacks… Read More »

Tech predictions for 2016

It’s the start of a new year. So what will it bring in tech? Let me peer into my crystal ball and offer some predictions that will be at least as accurate as someone throwing darts at a Ouija board. At least 5 tech pundits will leave themselves looking silly and boorish when they write long polemics… Read More »

Whose convenience is it for?

A few months ago when visiting Westfield Doncaster my partner and I noticed large signs proclaiming “ticketless parking, coming soon!” Yesterday, when we visited again, the system was installed and active. Parking at shopping centres has always been a painful process: depending on the time of the year it’s easily possible to spend more time… Read More »

Siri: Not just for when I’m feeling lazy

I’ve been using iOS’s “Siri” feature since it became available, and I’ve always considered it to be a handy function to invoke when I’m feeling lazy: a convenience to use but not a functional necessity. It’s something I use regularly, but just as a short-cut, such as setting a count-down timer when I’ve put a roast in the oven,… Read More »

Don’t upset the Apple Car

By the crazed writing of dozens of desperate tech journalists we’re daily being told of the impending release of an Apple car. We’re told an Apple car is anywhere as ‘soon’ as 2018 and maybe as much as ten years away. We’re told Apple will be producing the car itself, and we’re told Apple will be partnering… Read More »