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Margaret courts with Freedom of Preach

Margaret Court, former tennis player and now reverend of a church in Western Australia, made the news again recently by returning to publicly remind everyone of her personal beef against marriage equality. Marriage equality, she argues, is against the bible and so that should be the end of the story. As a result, she publicly… Read More »

Lemon Meringue Latham

A few weeks ago, Alan Joyce, openly gay CEO of Qantas, was deliberately hit in the face with a pie at a speaking engagement. Not a scalding hot meat pie, but a soft and non-damaging (or so we’re told by the assailant) lemon-merangue pie. The reason for the attack was as an openly gay man, Alan Joyce has… Read More »

…And my watch kept telling me to breathe

Years ago Queen Elizabeth II described 1992 as her annus horribilis – a horrible year. I think for many 2016 might equally be so described, or perhaps even more so, a horrible arse of a year. WatchOS 3.0 introduced a breathe function, to remind us to stop and pause in our days and take a few deep… Read More »

Hope and Fear

So Donald Trump won the US Presidential Election, and everyone on the middle to the left of politics has been left wondering how the hell that happened. The trumping of conservative and even arch-conservative views over progressive views in the last decade has been an uncomfortable fact for many who hold more progressive views. There’s a… Read More »

Australian Bureau of Statistics: Dingo Got My Census

Regardless of whether it’s #CensusFail or #CensusApocalypse, it’s fair to say the Australian 2016 Census worked as well and looked as good as diarrhoea in zero gravity. Over the course of the last 24 hours we’ve heard just about every possible scenario and cause behind the failure of the census system. Hackers launching distributed denial of service attacks… Read More »

NSW Pioneers Lock-In Laws

Following on the heels of lock-out laws and current plans to allow NSW police to ban citizens from doing just about anything for any reason, NSW will shortly be introducing lock-in laws, requiring citizens to stay at home and either sleep, or sit quietly in the dark between dawn and dusk. A spokesperson for the Minister for Ethically… Read More »

“Good government starts today” announcement expected any day now

Sources close to people unrelated to the Australian government are hinting we’ll be seeing a “good government starts today” announcement any day now from the Turnbull government.    At around six months into his tenure as Australia’s 37th prime minister in five years, the expectations are high that Malcolm Turnbull will start good government soon.… Read More »

Trump worried he might run out of people to offend

With months still ahead before a Republican candidate is named for the next US election, Donald Trump is growing increasingly worried that he is likely to run out of groups to offend. Having already offended just about every religious and ethnic group, poor people, people with disabilities and people with a conscience, Trump is desperately… Read More »

Yarraville erupts in violence

With local residents comparing their lot to Egyptions throwing off the yoke of an oppressive dictatorial government, Yarravillians in Melbourne’s inner west and their supporters recently began an earnest campaign of terror and civil disobedience in response to the local council voting to continue to use parking meters in the main street of the little town.… Read More »