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The “no” campaign is unwittingly promoting child abuse

“Wait, what!?” I hear you say, “They’re not even talking about marriage. They’re only talking about protecting children!” The elephant in the room of course, that I want to deal with quickly, is that they’ve already lost the marriage equality debate. As Nick Greiner wrote so eloquently, and reported in The Guardian: “The deliberate conflating… Read More »

An open letter about the marriage equality debate in Australia

Introduction And so there seems to be every chance Australia is heading towards a voluntary, non-binding postal survey on marriage equality, given our ineffectual conservative government has a bug in its proverbial about doing anything to avoid the words “gay” and “married” appearing in any legally actionable sentence that doesn’t also include the word “denied”. As… Read More »

Lemon Meringue Latham

A few weeks ago, Alan Joyce, openly gay CEO of Qantas, was deliberately hit in the face with a pie at a speaking engagement. Not a scalding hot meat pie, but a soft and non-damaging (or so we’re told by the assailant) lemon-merangue pie. The reason for the attack was as an openly gay man, Alan Joyce has… Read More »

Centrelink and the IT Story that Dare Not Speak its Name

There’s no doubt that the best word to describe the shenanigans going on thanks to Centrelink’s automated debt collection system is a debacle. One is reminded of Better Off Ted, where the scientists argue over whether something should be called a debacle or a disaster, and settle for disastacle. There’s another word, of course, that could be used. From The… Read More »

The myth of control

When I walked out of the last psychology session from my first round in 2011/2012, I optimistically thought I was in control. I knew I wasn’t fully in control, but I thought I’d successfully worked through the core issues that caused my control to slip, and had started building the frameworks that would allow me to… Read More »

Sorry is the hardest word to … hear?

I’ve always been somewhat introspective on that front, and years of study, particularly in philosophy, geared me to always think about thinking. While at times a little surreal, the interesting thing about seeing a psychologist is that your self-analysis capability can kick into over-drive. So I found myself in the middle of an argument on Sunday… Read More »

The incredible shrinking Id

In 2011 I came as close as I’ve ever been to going off the rails. Various pressures from the move to Melbourne, working from home and a variety of other personal scenarios wore away at emotional controls I’d spent most of my life building. So on my 38th birthday, I went and told my doctor… Read More »

A dangerous bias

There’s a term in psychology called confirmation bias. That’s the notion that you’re more likely to believe things you read or hear which happen to conform or reinforce beliefs and ideas you already hold. To quote the wikipedia article on it: Confirmation bias (also called confirmatory bias or myside bias) is the tendency of people to… Read More »