Calling a spade

By | 2013/04/24

The polite version of the saying is “calling a spade a shovel” – usually to describe someone who speaks the blunt facts.

Or as a boss once told me when describing a more senior manager, “he calls a spade a f*cking shovel”.

Well it’s time we stop being polite and start getting straight to the facts with the various anti-vaccination campaigns. It’s time to call the spade the f*cking shovel.

Depressed ChildDeliberately spreading lies and misinformation which leads people to not vaccinate their children, when the overwhelming medical and scientific evidence shows it is a safe and reliable mechanism for warding off serious illnesses is not quirky or kookie or alternative or any other ‘quaint’ word that you can think of.

It’s child abuse.

Pure and simple. To actively campaign for a reduced health programme that sees the reintroduction into the community of diseases long-controlled, just for the sake of assuaging the asinine and uneducated fears of conspiracy theorists with no proof, is irrefutably destructive.

And that the primary target of this campaign is children is equally inexcusable.

It’s time governments around the world take firm, decisive action against these child abuse networks and shut them down.