Bob Katter wants his gay desserts

By | 2011/09/14

In a recent rally against same-sex marriage, Bob Katter, Australia’s answer to “how conservative can a politician get without wearing horsehair underpants?”, pulled out the completely batshit crazy excuse for arguing against same-sex marriage – that being that the word “gay” had been taken away from him:

The Queensland MP harked back to a time when the word “gay” had a different meaning from that of today, describing it as one of the most beautiful words in the English language.

After quoting the poet Alexander Pope, Mr Katter said “nobody has the right to take that word off us.”

Poor Bob – clinging with gay abandon to abandoning the gays in favour of gay and happy times. He wants to return us to Pleasantville, that imaginary place where couples slept in single beds in the same room, sex didn’t happen, and people that weren’t the same or didn’t think the same didn’t exist.

At least, in Pleasantville, he’d be able to get this as his dessert:

A gay dessert for Bob Katter

(Ironically for Bob, of course, his gay brother is perfectly happy with the current usage of the word gay.)

I’m guessing when Bob has a gay old time eating his Jell-O, he’ll follow it up with more gay times:

Golden Gaytime

Personally though, I think anyone who spends that much time worrying about trying to lock English into a 1950’s usage is hiding something – such as a deep and resentful fear of natural change.