Bob Katter – Cowardly Bully

By | 2011/08/24

Bob Katter showed his true colours last night – cowardice.

We’d always known he was a bit of a bully. That loud mouth guy who big notes himself and pontificates loudly (and oft-times incoherently) on the basis that if you shout louder than your opposition is talking, you win.

Well last night, Bob Katter went silent.

The event was a simple one – Bob’s brother, Carl, got on national TV to discuss his homosexuality. To quote The Age, “No gays Bob? Try closer to home“:

His brother Carl last night burst on to the nation’s television screens to announce that, as it happened, he was homosexual – and if he met a man he’d like to spend his life with, he’d hope to marry him.

As to his big brother’s views, they were ”hurtful, dangerous, damaging and really inappropriate” and amounted to the ”perpetuation of hatred”.

To a degree, this is just the sort of “karma” that so many people like to see happen to loud mouth bigoted politicians. For years, a lot of people were secretly hoping that Pauline Hanson might have had a gay son, or an aboriginal step daughter or some other suitable comeuppance. But here comes Bob – Big Bigoted Bob, getting shown up for who he is by blood ties.

So Bob is always quite vocal on any topic he gets asked about, right? And what did he have to say about last night? As you’d expect of any cowardly bully:

“Attempts to contact Bob Katter failed last night. A message on his mobile phone advised that it was turned off.”

Bob, it’s time you find the door to Australian politics – and don’t let it hit your arse on the way out. You’re a bully, and a coward.