Apparently we're hijacking the civil rights movement

By | 2011/03/18

That’s right, a leader within the NAACP (USA: National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) has got a bee in his little bonnet, saying that the gay community is hijacking the civil rights movement. See here: NAACP Leader: ‘Gay Community Stop Hijacking The Civil Rights Movement’ | The New Civil Rights Movement.

According to the above article:

Rev. Keith Ratliff Sr., president of the Iowa-Nebraska chapter of the NAACP, spoke at a marriage rally in Des Moines on Tuesday, adding, “Deviant behavior is not the same as being denied your right to vote,” and calling any parallel between the African-American civil rights movement and the gay civil rights movement an “insult.”

The lesson in this?

It’s an important one: bigotry comes in many forms, and we’d be foolish to assume that just because someone shares in persecution, they would actually understand that persecution, and the persecution of others.

And when we, the persecuted minorities, fail to understand that lesson – well, the bigots win.