Ah yes, yet more conservative hypocrisy

By | 2010/01/09

Tony Abbott, the charming (for negative values of charming) leader of the Australian Liberal Party is now claiming the Labor Federal Government has been gutless for not pursuing Japan over their “scientific” whaling. The entire world knows “scientific research” in this instance is just a farce used to circumvent international whaling laws.

Indeed, in addition to the whole world, the previous Liberal Federal Government that was in power for 11 years and watched the Japanese whaling ramp its numbers up year after year and did nothing. During that time, Tony Abbott was a senior part of of the Australian government. Perhaps Tony Abbott was too busy spreading rhetoric and vitriol during those 11 years to notice and has now only just worked out what has been going on all that time. Well, that may be his excuse, but his entire government did naught for 11 years about the problem. Thus, he has no excuse.

At least Tony is reliably predictable in his hypocrisy. At last, a politician who is reliable!