A fabulis sham?

By | 2010/03/24

There was much hype over the launch of a new social networking site designed to help gay men connect to other gay men. No, not a dating or ‘hookup’ social networking site, but supposedly a real, honest to goodness “OK let’s see what people can do for each other” sort of site.

Called fabulis, this site got some free pre-launch popularity when some bigots at Citibank arbitrarily closed their account because they didn’t like what they’d blogged about. (Hello banks? Please pull your heads out of your proverbials.)

So, today fabulis launched, and being curious about it I decided to connect and look, hopeful that it would be something interesting, something useful, something new.

Instead it was … an extrovert’s dream. A cluster-wank popularity contest where … surprise surprise, the people with quite handsome profile pictures were highest rated, and surprise surprise, one of the founders of fabulis happened to be #1 as well. What a coincidence!

I don’t like to normally quote TV shows, but I need to channel Nan from the Catherine Tate show here: what a fucking liberty. Come on – if you’re going to offer a broad and diverse group of people a way of networking then make your first offering something better than the overhyped launch of what turns out to be a shallow popularity contest.

Oh, and from the perspective of not giving people a way of deleting their profile that they created before they realised what a shallow service it was: you’re technically and morally inept, to boot.

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