82 reasons to maintain the rage

By | 2011/09/14

Occasionally someone with a strong religious background has decided to ‘chide’ me for arguing so strongly for gay rights. After all, people are entitled to their point of view, aren’t they? As I’ve said before, not when their demand for religious freedom significantly hampers the personal freedom of others.

But that’s not even the main reason why I get angry about gay rights. I get angry because, despite the fact that we’ve come so far in the Western world, there’s plenty of examples of countries where we’re treated no better than animals – and often, worse.

In “Gay rights: a world of inequality“, the Guardian reports:

For lesbian and gay people who live in one of the 82 countries where homosexuality is criminalised, the world is not getting better: it is getting significantly, demonstrably worse.

That’s right – 82 countries in the world where homosexuality is still criminalised. It seems even more disgraceful that 40 of those are Commonwealth nations. You want a reason to be angry? Here’s two Iranian teenagers being hanged in 2005 for being gay:

That’s right, teenagers being hanged to death for happening to have same-sex attraction.



If you think that was a few years ago, and things might have improved since then, think again. Only a week ago, Iran hung another 3 men for being homosexual.

Am I angry about gay rights?

You bet I am. And I’ll stay angry, too.

One thought on “82 reasons to maintain the rage

  1. Christopher Banks

    The “people are entitled to their point of view” is a fallacious one. The response to that is, do you believe people are entitled to the point of view that it is ok to have sex with children? See how they respond to that.

    And if they come back with the free speech “I will defend to my death your right to say it” bullshit, I have an answer for that which I will be blogging about within the next week.

    Sick to fucking death of moral relativism and the damage it’s doing to the wellbeing of the world.

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