7 signs you may have obsessive compulsive disorder

By | 2011/09/16

I definitely have tendencies that left unattended can head in the direction of OCD. Clothes lines, in particular, are a headache for me. I have to work really hard to avoid a situation where any item of clothing hung up with more than one peg has to use the same coloured pegs.

So, since I keep an eye out for my OCD tendencies, I thought I’d make a quick list out to help others spot whether they too have OCD tendencies. Here it is:

  1. You start a list of 7 items and try to work out how to turn it into 10 items because that’s a nice even number.
  2. Not being able to work out a way to go to 10 items, you start writing the first item, but half-way through, go back and revisit this 10-item thing.
  3. You think a little more about how to make it a 10 item list by jotting down the first 7 items and trying to work out what you may have left off.
  4. You re-write the list in alphabetical order in case that helps you come up with something else.
  5. You re-write the list by apparent priority since alphabetical order didn’t help.
  6. Since re-writing by apparent priority didn’t help, you go back and re-write into alphabetical order again.
  7. Then you notice a spelling error, so you re-write the list again.
  8. Once you finish writing the list, you realise an ‘s’ looks like a 5. You try to write over it but each time you do it looks worse, so finally you start writing the list all over again.
  9. Your pen runs out half-way through the rewritten list, and not having another pen of exactly the same colour, you start afresh with the new pen.
  10. You realise you’ve done things similar to anything on this list.

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  1. DW

    Thanks for that, brother.
    I must shake your hand, up and down, exactly three times.

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