5,506 days

By | 2011/12/28

Unequal relationships

Darren and I consider the start of our relationship proper to be 30 November 1996.

That means as of today, as I type this post, we’ve been together for 5,506 days. Yet somehow, we don’t qualify for marriage.

On the other hand:

  • Sinead O’Connor announced today that her and her latest husband split after 16 days (in which they only lived together for 7 days);
  • Kim Kardashian stayed married for 72 days;
  • Britney Spears stayed married for less 3 days (55 hours, to be exact);
  • Dennis Rodman and Carmen Electra were married for 9 days;
  • Lisa Marie Presley could only manage to stay married to Nicolas Cage for 107 days;
  • Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock got the big D after 122 days;
  • Drew Barrymore and Tom Green hitched their wagons for 163 days, though that was an improvement on her first marriage which lasted just 42 days;
  • Liz Taylor’s shortest (but by no means only) marriage was 205 days long.

(The majority of those figures were taken from “TIME’s Top 10 Short-Lived Celebrity Marriages“, you can find more in “Wikipedia – Hollywood Marriages“.)

Let’s graph those relationships:

Gay relationship eats straight relationships for breakfast

That’s right, our relationship is the Pacman of relationships against those marriages.

And people still want to hold up the notion of marriage being exclusively between men and women as a way of preserving it?

What a joke.

One thought on “5,506 days

  1. Mark

    Gay marriage is a weird issue for me. On one hand, i think the whole “institution” of marriage is a misogynistic anachronism, which should just be let die a natural death. On the other hand I want to choke the fucking life out of the cretins who think it’s OK to deny that right to anyone based on the sexual preference.

    Whilst even the Government’s involved, a discrimination on the basis of sexual preference is not more acceptable than one based on skin colour or religion. It’s almost a self refuting tautology to put forward “argument” based on the Christian bible – based on that logic, only Christians should be allowed to marry (and probably only the right brand of Christianity at that, know how they like their little squabbles over the colour of the stripes of their invisible unicorns..)

    And fuck Penny Wong (metaphorically, of course) for being such a chickenshit coward. It’s only because Peter Garret is standing beside her that she doesn’t get the all time hypocrite’s award for Australia politics.

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