5 Mac Apps that are indispensable to me

By | 2010/01/27

Here’s my “top 5” Mac apps that I just consider to be so indispensable that I install them by default when I’m building myself a new system. No hesitation, no questioning, they just get installed while I’m still running the first round of patches:

  1. Growl – A system-wide notification system that allows apps to post transient windows for brief notifications.
  2. Yojimbo – I use it to stay organised, pure and simple.
  3. Grand Perspective – It lets me see where my space is going.
  4. Adium – Best multi-client chat programme I’ve ever used.
  5. OpenTerminal Here – I use Terminal far more than the average Mac user, and go nuts if I don’t have an easy way of opening a terminal in any folder from within Finder. OpenTerminal Here does just that.

Sure there are other key apps I use – Firefox (rarely), ClickToFlash (all the time), etc., but the above 5 are the ones I’d name as my “must haves” whenever I’m using a Mac. For me, it’s all about personal productivity, and that’s what those five apps give me.

[Edit – 2010-09-10]

I’m phasing out use of Yojimbo out of annoyance at the poor synching options. Bare Bones insist on running the sync through iSync, which can’t handle “large” volumes of data (1.5GB). I’m yet to find an alternate solution.