Monthly Archives: March 2016

Government announces sweeping protections for bullies

BREAKING: The Federal Government today announced sweeping new protections for bullies in schools, designed to counteract a growing trend towards tolerance and acceptance being seen in younger generations. “For too long bullies have been oppressed, their civil rights to abuse and taunt removed from them by insidious movements founded on faggy notions like ‘inclusion’ and ‘friendship’”,… Read More »

Against marriage equality?

With the Australian Federal Government hell-bent on running a plebiscite on marriage equality, the various lobbies and individuals who don’t want to see marriage equality achieved in the country have already come out swinging. I have a simple message for them: Shut up; your opinion is pointless. At a point where the ACL insist they… Read More »

Would PetER have been treated differently to PetA?

During the height of the shambolic shenanigans that so marked the all-too-long Abbott tenure as Prime Minister of Australia, Tony Abbott accused his colleagues of sexism in their concerns about his chief of staff, Peta Credlin. This morning Mr Abbott said Ms Credlin would not be so heavily scrutinised if she was a male. “Do you really think… Read More »