Monthly Archives: February 2016

Operation GrowOld Instituted To Remove Children From Detention

Reacting angrily to claims they are wilfully imprisoning children within hellish detention centres situated in poverty stricken countries where they are subject to rape, physical abuse, anguish and complete dehumanisation, the Australian Federal Government has announced its latest plan to reduce to zero the number of asylum seeker children being held. “Our bold new plan will ensure no child is left in a detention centre”,… Read More »

Majority LNP MPs support marriage equality to annoy Cory Bernardi

Exclusive polling has revealed that personal opinions in the matter aside, the majority of Liberal/National Ministers now support marriage equality just knowing how much it passing would annoy Senator Cory Bernardi. “Look, enough is enough” said one MP under the promise of strict confidence, “Sure, giving same-sex attracted couples the right to marry is a matter of basic… Read More »