Monthly Archives: January 2016

Australians Surprised To Hear Malcolm Turnbull Still Prime Minister

A recent poll conducted by the Federated Union of Conservative Knaves has shown most Australians are surprised to hear Malcolm Turnbull is still Prime Minister of Australia almost four months after his ascension to power. With Australian politics having descended into a bloody brawl over the last few years (reigned in only by Australia being a signatory to the nuclear non-proliferation pact), most… Read More »

Melbourne facing Hipster Deficit Disorder

As warnings come thick and fast that the heat will be particularly challenging this summer, Melbourne is suffering rapidly advancing Hipster Deficit Disorder as the short-shunning and heavily bearded folk migrate to cooler climates with a strong food culture and antiquarian book scene. Cafés across Brunswick, Fitzroy and Collingwood are increasingly finding themselves at peril of hiring staff… Read More »

Left-wing media to adopt hardline conservative strategies

While the hardline conservative media around the world has for some time descended into baseless allegations and pandering to conspiracy nuts, the left-wing media has largely left this strategy untouched. The newly formed EVangelical Idealogical Left Media Cooperative (“EVIL Media Coop”) today issued a press release saying the “gloves are off” and their intent to pilot a counter-strategy based on… Read More »