Monthly Archives: July 2015

Government announces resolution plan to Bronwyn Bishop situation

Standing in front of a record 35 flags today, government officials announced a plan to resolve the Bronwyn Bishop problem. “The problem, clearly, is the travel”, said the officials. “We’ve projected that by 2019, the speaker’s travel entitlements will grow to consume 75% of GDP, which well, yes, that’s a somewhat unsustainable rate.” Since the Prime… Read More »

Whose ABC?

It’s practically the tradition for Australian governments to gnash their teeth at the ABC. Labor or Liberal, they all wail and moan that the ABC allows people who don’t like them to say things about them. Mean things. Honest things. The rhetoric from the current government and the prime minister has taken that to a whole new level, however. There’s a vitriolic them… Read More »

The best TV Mashup

I’m a big fan of Survivor, and while I’ve come late to the party, I’ve become a big fan of Ru Paul’s Drag Race. I can’t say how awesome it would be to have these two shows merge, if only for a single season for unparalleled visceral viewing. Survivor, the ultimate psychological reality show, coupled with Drag… Read More »