Monthly Archives: March 2015

Can Ross Noble host Top Gear?

Everyone’s running around suggesting who should take over from Jeremy Clarkson as the host of Top Gear. For me, there’s only one choice: Ross Noble. Think of it – Top Gear can go to new levels of surrealism and entertainment with Ross Noble in charge: This car’ll do nought to sixty in two point eight seconds, but… Read More »

Cabinet to compete in 2016 Olympics

In exciting news for Australia, it seems likely the Cabinet of the Australian Federal Government will be a surprise inclusion in the Australian Olympic team. Australia has always struggled in gymnastics in Olympics against other nations – while our teams have trained hard, many other countries have had considerable advantage in training, coaching and funding for their athletes in these sports.… Read More »

Jack Graham, Legendary Detective

There’s blogging and there’s writing books, but somewhere along the way I forgot about writing short stories … it was time to change that. The clock spun twice, then it settled. Jack Graham, legendary detective was racing out of the room, chasing Mrs Marshall, whom he’d just revealed as the killer of Mr Marshall, well… Read More »

Special Wimmins Forum

To celebrate International Women’s Day, the Australian Liberal Party announced its special forum will be held in a men’s only club. Tony Abbott, Prime Minister for Women, seemed unconcerned about this apparent hypocrisy, claiming a victory in women temporarily being allowed in the club for the day in order to attend a forum. It’s rumoured key… Read More »