Monthly Archives: February 2015

Unchecked Government destroys our national character

Hugh de Kretser wrote in The Sydney Morning Herald today: The federal government is actively undermining a range of vital checks and balances and stifling criticism of its actions. This is corrosive for democracy and human rights. Attacks on our Human Rights Commission are part of a broader disturbing trend, 25-02-2015 It goes without saying that… Read More »

New national security plan announced

Concerned Australia is facing imminent threat of losing him as Prime Minister, Tony Abbott called a press conference today where backed by a veritable posse of flags, he spoke strongly in firm words with little useful substance about plans to improve Australia’s national security. With an enhanced focus on catching the bad guys, Abbott insisted on taking no questions… Read More »

ACCI forgets what “employment” is

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) today seems to have suffered a monumental memory lapse, completely failing to remember the word employment, and more importantly, what it means to employ someone. According to the Sydney Morning Herald: Australia’s peak business body wants to expand the work for the dole scheme, allowing the private sector to… Read More »

Tony’s youa culpa

Tony Abbott, fresh from a disastrous leadership spill motion where 65% of people not bound by party rules to vote for him voted against him has insisted he’s learnt from the experience. Normally leaders in such situations have a “mea culpa” moment. Tony, naturally, has had a youa culpa moment, recognising the fault belongs to everyone else.… Read More »

Pope comes out swinging against nuns, priests, god

In a stinging rebuke to nuns who choose a lifetime of celibacy when they marry their lord, and priests who choose a lifetime of celibacy when they marry the church, the pope has attacked his employees and colleagues again. “The choice to not have children is selfish. Life rejuvenates and acquires energy when it multiplies: It… Read More »

Start date for good government revised

Reacting to events of the last few days, senior government figures, speaking on the strict condition of confidentiality, have advised the start date for good government has been revised to somewhere around Q3 2015, perhaps even longer. “Look, it’s fair to say we jumped the gun on that one”, said the source. “We weren’t really all… Read More »

Tony Abbott: You’ll never stop me!

If nothing else, we have to admire Tony Abbott’s tenacity. He’s a bit like the implacable robot from Saturn III. Tony is keen to point out how determined he is to be unstoppable in his unstoppableness. He’s strong, he tells us strongly – so strong his strength is stronger than strong and his plans stronger than strong-strong.… Read More »

New terror levels announced

In a specially convened press conference this afternoon, and responding to recent high level attempts to cause significant damage to the government, Tony Abbott announced a realignment and renaming of the levels used to indicate the current terror threat to Australia. “We’re replacing ‘Extreme’ with ‘Malcolm’”, Mr Abbott said, pointing at a new chart. “‘High’… Read More »