Monthly Archives: August 2014

Pell’s Trucking Company

So, George Pell appeared via teleconference to the Royal Commission into Institutional Child Abuse in Australia today, and had the audacity to compare the catholic church to a trucking company, claiming that: If a driver sexually assaulted a passenger they picked up along the way, “I don’t think it appropriate for the ownership leadership of that company be… Read More »

iPhone 6 and those batshit crazy tech pundits…

  As the release of the iPhone 6 draws ever closer, it’s that time again when the realms of batshit crazy tech pundits expands to overflowing as they all work themselves into a click-whore lather of attention-seeking, meaningless headlines. You can barely go anywhere without stumbling over another nonsensical headline. From New York Post: iPhone 6 users… Read More »

The right defence

There’s been a blow-up recently in a community group I left a couple of years ago. Admitting my potential bias, that blow-up is based on people I, too, lost all respect for – triggering my exit. Yet bias or not, it’s sad to see a completely worthless defence brought out in so many organisations, that being: It’s an insidious argument because it without… Read More »

Tears for Tláloc

The Museum of Victoria has been home to an Aztec exhibition for several months, which ends next weekend. After many delays, we finally got around to visiting the exhibition today, and I was amazed by many of the objects. It’s impossible to honestly portray the Aztecs without mentioning their ritual of human sacrifice, and I was… Read More »