Monthly Archives: May 2014

Dragged into the light

I had never been a fan of drag. Actually, that’s wrong. For years, I’d been almost vehemently opposed to drag. I saw in it a whole lot of things that weren’t there, but perhaps the worst of all, I saw drag as a refutation of masculinity. Over the last few years though, masculine is one of… Read More »

Melbourne Rules

On June 1, we’ll have lived in Melbourne exactly three years. At times, it’s been a bit of a rocky journey, personally, but the actual city itself is more than home – it’s a best friend. Looking forward to that date, I can remember how inexperienced we were at knowing the vagaries of navigating Melbourne.… Read More »

…And we all ate her jam with relish

Last night my grandmother, Isobel Preston, passed away, age 93. She had a sudden fall in the early hours of the morning, or perhaps late the night before, and despite being found sometime later (she’d been fiercely independent and still lived by herself) and taken to hospital, she died early evening. She was the only grandparent I knew. I… Read More »