Monthly Archives: April 2014

Stop, Collaborate and Listen

I’ve been an IT consultant for close to two decades. During that time I’ve worked with a large number of IT departments ranging from those in small, privately held businesses, to departments servicing world-wide Fortune 500 companies. Those businesses have been in just about all industry verticals: Telecommunications, Mining, Education (Higher and Tertiary), Government (Local, State, Federal),… Read More »

What’s your sun?

It was my sixth session with my psychologist. In previous sessions we’d been through a lot – experiences with being tormented, emotional control coping with longer-term unpleasant situations. This was a lighter session, and at some point I was asked, why is there an angel on your arm? It was a sensible question. I am, after all, an atheist. So I… Read More »

Why didn’t they say something?

I recently posted about a teacher at my primary school who was a bully and for all intents and purposes, a child abuser. Not sexual, but physical. She’d become uncontrollably angry and shake children like rag dolls while screaming at them. I asked my mother a day or so later if the teacher had died. Her response… Read More »

Barry O’Farrell’s last Cabernet meeting

The only way things could have got more odd in NSW politics this week would have been for Fred Nile to barge into a press conference with a ghetto blaster, put on the HR Puff n Stuff theme song, and do a slow strip tease. Barry O’Farrell, the Liberal premier of NSW, who swept into… Read More »