Monthly Archives: March 2014

The myth of control

When I walked out of the last psychology session from my first round in 2011/2012, I optimistically thought I was in control. I knew I wasn’t fully in control, but I thought I’d successfully worked through the core issues that caused my control to slip, and had started building the frameworks that would allow me to… Read More »

Abject failure dies successfully

Fred Phelps, the man who founded the Westboro Baptist Church has died. The world is a better place without him. I don’t hate him. He had my pity. Here was a man so obsessed with vitriol and despite, so full of toxicity, that he pumped it into the world around him, spreading his vile message… Read More »

The price of information

To say that speculation over the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 is rampant would be a huge understatement. This blog is not about the disappearance of the flight. There’s no theory about hijacking, catastrophic failure, suicide or Langoliers in this blog. Beyond the human tragedy, I’m finding the deluge of speculation in itself to… Read More »