Monthly Archives: February 2014

What is an offensive word?

I recently participated in a reasonably long discussion on Facebook regarding the word, butthurt. A friend had never seen it before and wondered what other people thought of it. To say it sparked a wide ranging discussion is a bit of an understatement. There were all sorts of answers and comments on the word, from the… Read More »

Decisiveness and Faith

There’s a particular point for any smaller business as it grows where it reaches that wobbly, unstable apex of growth. There’s another tier of size and potential revenue that it can go to, but it’s not easy. Equally though, like a balance challenge in Survivor, it’s not easy staying on the current apex. Smaller businesses… Read More »

The Princess Cried

In the legendary movie, The Princess Bride, after Vizzini exclaims “Inconceivable!” for seemingly the hundredth time, Inigo Montoya finally responds with: You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means. I often hear this quote when I hear people like Tony Abbott or Scott Morrison talking about their christianity.… Read More »

Them and Us

“It’s your fault Tony Abbott got into power. You didn’t vote Labor!” I’ve had this levelled at me a few times recently. I didn’t vote for Tony Abbott and his über-conservative party of troglodytes. I didn’t vote for Australian jobs to be lost, or climate change policies to be cut, or for even harsher treatment… Read More »

Sorry is the hardest word to … hear?

I’ve always been somewhat introspective on that front, and years of study, particularly in philosophy, geared me to always think about thinking. While at times a little surreal, the interesting thing about seeing a psychologist is that your self-analysis capability can kick into over-drive. So I found myself in the middle of an argument on Sunday… Read More »

Can Fred Sing a Rainbow?

Fred Nile, imperceptibly pernicious in his persistent persecution of GBLTI rights in Australia has set his eyes firmly on a new target. Having failed to stop the Mardi Gras throughout his career, having failed to stop the advancement of gay rights throughout his career, having failed in so many ways, Fred has decided to have… Read More »

Family First is a Failed Doctrine

The political party, Family First in Australia, has the slogan: Strong Families. Strong Values. Strong Australia. Anyone observing Australian politics is aware of just how intolerant Family First is, but they raise an interesting point: shouldn’t we put our families first? Like the last 6,000+ years of human history? Maybe it’s time we stopped putting family first… Read More »

What does XP say about your business?

This morning I spotted and retweeted this incredibly insightful tweet: You have a CTO, CIO, IT *architects, IT managers, IT *analysts & your company is still on #Windows XP in 2014? That doesn’t compute! — WorkingHardInIT (@WorkingHardInIT) February 5, 2014 How true is this? Incredibly. It may be the most truthful statement made in IT… Read More »