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Why I’m (still) not proud to be an Australian on Australia Day

Australia Day is meant to be a time where we celebrate our status of a nation, but try as I might I can’t bring any pride to the table. I love Australia, but that doesn’t mean I have to feel proudly patriotic when it’s so undeserving of it. The plight of the Australian Indigenous population… Read More »

A dangerous bias

There’s a term in psychology called confirmation bias. That’s the notion that you’re more likely to believe things you read or hear which happen to conform or reinforce beliefs and ideas you already hold. To quote the wikipedia article on it: Confirmation bias (also called confirmatory bias or myside bias) is the tendency of people to… Read More »

Complexity and Length aren’t Equal

In the realm of consultants and projects, one of the more interesting mistakes that people can make is assuming complexity equals length, and length equals complexity. It’s like an archetypal Venn diagram: The problem with assuming project length and complexity have a perfect 1:1 relationship is that you start inventing problems, such as: Adding unnecessary complexity to… Read More »

Headlines don’t get immunity

Having previously been fined $100,000 for contempt of court following a breach of a suppression order regarding the killer of Jill Meagher, Derryn Hinch, aka “human headline”, Derryn Hinch was arrested this week for failing to pay up. The subject of the murder of Jill Meagher is no doubt still enflamed, and will remain so… Read More »

How IT fails business

I’ve been in IT since I started full time employment. I’ve been consulting for almost as long, and as you might imagine, in almost twenty years of IT work I’ve observed a lot of different IT departments – how they work, what they do well, and what they could improve on. Over the last few… Read More »

Understanding ‘Beards and blokes’

Over on the Sydney Morning Herald, Elizabeth Farrelly has written a diatribe about beards and manliness, called Beards and Blokes: our entitlement generation. I’m not sure who Elizabeth Farrelly is, but I’m fairly certain she’s someone I wouldn’t find many things in common with. I certainly wouldn’t condescend to let her touch my beard (not that… Read More »

Come out, come out, wherever you are

There’s been a bit of a discussion in recent months as to whether it’s ethical or appropriate to out closeted people, particularly if they’re in the public eye. There’s one argument that states people should be outed so that there continues to be an erosion of stigmatism to being gay. There’s another argument that says the mere… Read More »

Scratch the surface

I love my grandmother. She’s 93 years old and now getting a bit dotty. It’s not unusual for people twenty years younger to start getting scatterbrained and it’s testament to her that she’s only started to suffer that in the last five years or so. For as long as I remember, my grandmother was my… Read More »