Monthly Archives: December 2013

A meaner future?

When the stock market crashed in 1987, I heard many a pundit sagely extol, “The era of ‘greed is good’ is over.” At best they were stupid idiots. Greed didn’t die, and if anything we’re seeing the effects of an increasingly greedy society all around us. Individuals can be kind, giving and caring, but collectively there… Read More »

Service or servant industry?

My mother was a waitress for decades – in fact, for most of her life until she retired. Several of my aunts were waitresses too. Many in my family work in the service industry – waiters, waitresses, bartenders and others who stand behind the counter. For the most part, it’s a thankless job. People routinely… Read More »

A very Australian christmas

Santa’s sleigh slid silently over the sandy beach of Christmas Island. It had been a long haul over the seas and there were so many good boys and girls in Australia that the sleigh had been ponderously heavy. Once or twice he’d been forced to fly low enough that he was worried the Australian radar… Read More »

…then you’re part of the problem

Sometimes, Internet forums make me want to scream. Actually, I’ll rephrase that – most of the time, most Internet forums make me want to scream. Assume a typical sort of question posted on an Internet forum: Hi, I’m after a little bit of information. I’m currently: * Doing X; * Doing Y; * Doing Z. Now,… Read More »

Pyne’s Poodles and other Faux Pas

There’s a lot of anger at the moment about Christopher Pyne’s backflip on sticking to the Gonski educational reforms (promises made both before and after the election), and equally a lot of commentary on the backflip of the backflip. So much of the commentary though seems to suffer that perennial problem in Australian politics –… Read More »