Monthly Archives: September 2013

No Hate

In the Star Observer, Tim Scriven writes about CAAH (Community Action Against Homophobia), spiritedly defending the organisation’s production of post-election t-shirts labelled “Fuck Tony Abbott”. CAAH has taken the admirable step of signalling early that they won’t nod sagely while he destroys lives, mumbling that at least he has a “mandate”. They’re carving out a… Read More »

Domestic violence: a genderless issue

In a press conference today talking about his candidacy for the leadership of the Australian Labor Party, Bill Shorten highlighted tackling domestic violence as something that should be a key topic. Sounds like a great plan, but he went on to say that domestic violence was not a women’s issue, but a men’s issue, a national… Read More »

Real superheroes wear no cape

Once, in our country town, there was a mechanic whom my father would religiously take our car to for repair. Even though I’d never seen my father once set foot in a church except for weddings, my father would say: Saul* is a Christian. That means he’s always going to be honest with us. And… Read More »

Expanding the Experiment

Introduction For over six months now I’ve been running an experiment – evaluating Windows Phone 8 against iOS, with my main goal being to get an understanding of how another SmartPhone OS runs and compares against the progenitor and thought-leader of the modern SmartPhone market. Make no doubt about it – iOS is the thought-leader of… Read More »