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Who’s a Peeping Tom, then?

The sort of revelations that have surfaced over the last few months regarding electronic surveillance by government spy agencies in the western world have shocked and disturbed many. With some of the revelations seemingly straight out of a conspiracy theorists’ most fevered imaginings, we’ve witnessed a clear and deliberate intent by government bodies to recklessly… Read More »

No Choice!

It’s another election, so queue the assemblage of people ready to rush out and tell you to vote informally because there’s so little difference between the Liberal/National Coalition and the Labor party. I know even 6 months ago I was frustrated enough with the political discourse in Australia that I finally realised why people might be… Read More »

The Great Experiment: Month Six

I’ve now had a Nokia Lumia 920 for six months, and it’s time for an update review on how I’m finding it. I run two different mobile phones – one for work, and one as a personal phone. The reason is fairly simple: hooking up to a corporate Exchange environment means allowing remote wipe, and I… Read More »


One of the most common cries coming from Russian lawmakers (amongst others) at the moment regarding the anti-GBLTI laws enacted is the simple, seemingly innocuous statement: You must respect our laws. It’s what they’re saying to visitors, potential visitors, and critics alike. They’re wrong. Utterly wrong. Respect is not given: respect is earned. Visitors heading… Read More »

Tony Abbott: Fashion Police

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt in this phase of the election, it’s that Tony Abbott is a man of fashion. Questionable fashion, of course, but fashion none-the-less. And he’s keen to make sure we all abide by that fashion. Consider his discussion with John Laws on talk-back radio, relegating marriage equality to: the fashion of… Read More »

Russia announces all new events for Winter Olympics

Russia has announced some new events for the Winter Olympics in Sochi, and they’re hoping these will become a default fixture of the Olympics. “We believe these events are in the best spirit of the Olympics, and will set the world ablaze with excitement”, an un-named Russian official might be quoted as having said. Developed… Read More »

Your business isn’t unique

As a consultant, one of the phrases I hear periodically from companies is: Our business needs are unique. I’ll let you in on a little secret: No they’re not. Typically when someone at a business says: “our needs are unique”, what they really mean is: We’re resistant to change. By and large there are very few… Read More »

Anonymity is nothing to be ashamed of

It’s indisputable that Richard Dawkins has contributed a lot to science and critical thinking. But that doesn’t mean every idea he has is a sensible one. Take for instance, his recent apparent apparent dismissal of general anonymity: In Saudi, Pakistan etc, anonymity may be essential. But in UK, US etc pseudonyms are used for no… Read More »

A fair and balanced media

The Federal election has been called for September 7, 2013. That comes after three years of some of the most toxic politics in Australian history. Based on what we’ve observed over the last three years, it’s clear that hung parliaments can result in highly charged environments. We’ve had litany after litany of accusations on both… Read More »