Monthly Archives: July 2013

Seven tips for being a great manager

In my career I’ve worked as a team leader and a manager, and I’ve obviously had a variety of managers over the years myself. However, as a consultant dealing with literally hundreds of companies over the years, I’ve also observed managers in practically every industry you can think of. Organisational charts typically portray management incorrectly… Read More »

What price, chastity?

Catholic priests take a vow of celibacy. It’s one of the most well-known facts of how the catholic priesthood works. Yet: one in 15 Melbourne priests is a child abuser [and] Catholic priests offend at six times the rate of all other churches put together Church leaders hit back at clergy abuse inquiry claims, The… Read More »

Australia! At war with undesirables

  Australia. A seemingly peaceful country from the outside, full of sweeping plains, amazing wildlife and breathtaking views. But don’t be deceived. This is a country at war. Yes: war. To be sure, Australia has “peacekeeping” forces abroad in troubled areas around the world, but none of that comes close to the shocking war Australia… Read More »

Not in my name

There are many things about being Australian I can be proud of. Our treatment of asylum seekers arriving by boat is not one of them. We have a prime minister who has made no secret of his affiliation with religion. Yet, despite that affiliation he has managed to change his attitude towards marriage equality. We have… Read More »

The toxic Nile

In ancient Egypt, the Nile was the absolute lifeblood of the country; in Australia, it’s anything but. Instead, the word ‘Nile’ as much as anything else represents toxicity in politics … via “Reverend Fred Nile”. A member of the upper house of the NSW parliament, Fred represents highly conservative christian views that seemingly harken back… Read More »

Racing to the bottom

Some weeks, it seems that conservatives around the world are engaged in a race to the bottom. Continuing their blitzkrieg on homosexuality, the Russian government isn’t just interested in banning any mention of the word gay, they’re also banning openly gay people too – including tourists. Given Russia has managed to elevate itself to “Sh*t Hole… Read More »