Monthly Archives: June 2013

Belaboring the leadership

Without a doubt, it’s been an odd few years in Australian politics. Back in 2010, we had a first for our country – a sitting prime minister was challenged and lost the leadership of his party in his first term. Parties change leaders over time, and the various shenanigans of the challenge process that accompanies… Read More »

The day the earth didn’t stand still

Despite previous failures on equalising the rights for the GBLTI community, the Australian Parliament yesterday passed a number of reforms to the anti-discrimination act. Intersex people got huge recognition, which of course is, in and of itself, fantastic. Another critical piece of legislation focused on the care of elderly GBLTI citizens. In particular, the legislation… Read More »

The discrimination that dare not speak its name

There’s a lot of talk in Australia about discrimination. Us same-sex attracted folk have been talking for some time about discrimination for quite some time, and women are often quite vocal (and rightly so) about discrimination against them, too. Indeed, Julia Gillard, our prime minister, has announced an inquiry into workplace discrimination against women, and… Read More »

The Freedom Wars

There’s a school of thought that uses the catch phrase: Information wants to be free. You can read a pretty good summary of the notions over at the Wikipedia page for it. Whenever I hear someone espousing this viewpoint, I’m immediately reminded of that old computer science saying, don’t anthropomorphise computers … they don’t like it!… Read More »

Tickle me poly

Cory Bernadi, one of the arch conservatives of Australian politics, has been running around over the last couple of days claiming “vindication” on previously linking marriage equality to bestiality because there’s a petition circulating to also allow polygamous marriages. Cory has a real bone to pick over marriage equality, and much of his contention seems… Read More »

What the DIKW?

Somewhat formalised in ITIL, there’s a concept called the knowledge ‘hierarchy’, abbreviated as DIKW. It looks like this: It’s relatively easy to understand what the model teaches using a single example: Data – Something is red, and round. Information – It’s a tomato. Knowledge – Tomato is a fruit. Wisdom – You don’t put tomato… Read More »

To Russia with Love

Dear Vladimir, You don’t mind if I call you Vlad, do you, Mr Putin? I hope we don’t have to be on formal terms. After all, you’re the President of an entirely different country and there’s no real formal relationship between us. And besides, Russia epitomises the process of class equality – you even had… Read More »