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Dear Homophobe

Dear Homophobe, You know all those times at school when you called another student “faggot” and pushed him around? The reason he didn’t come back in year 11 was because he committed suicide, but since you were a heavy influencer of his emotional state, we’ll call it manslaughter and say you’re complicit in it. You… Read More »

When Jupiter is rising and the news is coming out of Uranus

So,, in their Technology/Science and Technology section today published an article, Brighten up, the super moon is on the way. Their header information even proclaims the article as being in “Space, Military and Medicine”: But while Saturday’s super moon might be good for some, it could spell bad news for our economy. Astrologer Dadhici Toth… Read More »

The unthinking bigot

Read through enough of my blog and you’ll likely see some contradictory posts. While sometimes I cringe at what I’ve written in the past, I tend not to delete it, even when I disagree with it, because it actively demonstrates that I’ve changed, and grown. I have somewhat of a mental blank when it comes to… Read More »

Who owns the multinational tax problem?

With one of the world’s most well-known companies, Apple, pulled in front of a US Senate hearing over the amount of tax it pays, there comes a greater question: who owns the corporate tax problem, particularly for multinationals? Have no doubt: this is not a problem confined to Apple. Even a casual search will show… Read More »

Social Justice Warriors of the Marriage Equality Debate

There’s actually three sides of the marriage equality debate. We normally only think of there being two sides: Those who are arguing for marriage equality; Those who are arguing against marriage equality. The third side comes from those who don’t believe and marriage and therefore don’t see the point of the entire thing, and thereby insist the real… Read More »

Who’s afraid of the big bad homos?

The owners of a New Zealand guesthouse who refused to let a lesbian couple share a bed are standing firm despite threats. The Age, “You’re not doing this in my home: lesbian bed ban sparks threats and abuse”, May 21 2013. That’s the introduction to a story about a lodge run in Whangerei, New Zealand.… Read More »

How much respect do we deserve?

As a minority group, the GBLTI community often has to deal with vicious attacks from bigoted members of the broader community. This is something we collectively rail against. Treat us with respect, we cry. It’s a valid demand – respect is something that should be accorded to all people, of course. Then you wake up on… Read More »