Monthly Archives: April 2013

Full disclosure

When I purchase a new mobile phone on a contract, one of the little footnotes so handily provided is a minimum total cost disclaimer. For instance, in February, the document I signed for a new phone stated “Minimum cost over 24 months … is $1,920”. It’s easy to enter into a contract with regular payment options clearly stated,… Read More »

Stop the Boasts

I was listening to Tony Abbott being interviewed by Leigh Sales last week on the 7.30 report, when I finally realised the real, core problem with him. In that interview, he said: there are many specific policy commitments out there to abolish carbon tax, abolish the mining tax, reduce red tape by a billion dollars… Read More »

Who owns grief?

A Brazilian judge has ordered Facebook to delete the profile of a 24-year-old journalist who died in May last year. The mother … filed a case arguing that messages, songs and photos posted by friends and family caused her extreme distress. BBC, Brazil judge orders Facebook memorial page removed, Jefferson Puff, 24 April 2013. It’s… Read More »

The Great Experiment: Month Two

The great experiment is about comparing, from a usability and reliability perspective, another SmartPhone OS against iOS, which I’ve been using since the second iPhone was released (and thereby officially released into Australia). The mission statement I established was: To try, for a full contract period (24 months), a smartphone from another vendor, and evaluate… Read More »

Calling a spade

The polite version of the saying is “calling a spade a shovel” – usually to describe someone who speaks the blunt facts. Or as a boss once told me when describing a more senior manager, “he calls a spade a f*cking shovel”. Well it’s time we stop being polite and start getting straight to the… Read More »

What’s wrong with Telstra?

Look, I like Telstra. With the exception of their 3G network in the Melbourne CBD, their network is overall, unparalleled in Australia for me, and their general service reliability is excellent. But this is what’s wrong with Telstra, based on my simple requirement this morning of: Activating a new mobile phone for a new employee;… Read More »

Unbiased reporting as a reader function

A lot of people get very upset about bias in the media. Many of our politicians are certainly always crying bias, sometimes legitimately, sometimes less so. The chorus of “bias!” seems to rise most stridently from whatever camp has just had a particularly unpleasant interview situation. Lately, claims of bias have grown in many circles.… Read More »