Monthly Archives: January 2013

Is there room for one more?

  In a shopping centre my partner and I used to frequent on the central coast, each parking lot would have sections of preferential parking. Closest to the entrances would be disabled parking. Then, the next row or so of parks would be “seniors parking”. After that, there’d be a couple of rows of “parents… Read More »

Dear Bob

Dear Bob, Can I call you Bob, Bob? I realise Parliament bestows the title “Honourable Member” on you, but your behaviour of late has been anything short of honourable, so I’m dropping that honorific for you. I’m encouraging the rest of Australia to do so, too. It’s only fair. It seems to have gone to… Read More »

Has Android killed the feature phone?

  One of the more interesting pieces of data available when comparing Android and iOS numbers is that whilst Android is outselling iOS (entirely logical, given the number of phone manufacturers), web usage statistics continues to show iOS devices outpacing Android devices: The question that continually comes up is – why does Android outsell iOS,… Read More »

I’m with Stupid

I’ve seen some stupid arguments against gun control, and to be fair, there are stupider arguments than the one I’m about to highlight, but in terms of idiotic comparisons, this probably takes the cake. Paraphrasing, it goes like this: “Don’t like gay marriage? Then don’t get gay married. Same applies to abortion and assault weapons.”… Read More »


David Marr wrote an opinion piece for the Sydney Morning Herald today which should terrify a lot of people. The Australian Labor Party, that supposed bastion of people’s rights, is working on consolidating all Australian Federal anti-discrimination laws. Sounds good, right? Except, what will be enshrined in the laws will be the “get out of… Read More »

The fancy troll

  When we talk about cyberbullying and trolling, we’re usually talking about savagely vindictive people, or people who take a strong pleasure in trying to make others squirm in outrage. There’s another type of troll though – a fancy troll, if you will, who takes another path. One of righteous indignation on all manner of topics.… Read More »

Same-sex marriage: a threat to society?

Pretty much every day you hear some oddball proclaim to any and all who will listen about how same-sex marriage is a threat to society. But just how does that work? What are the arguments? Consider some common ones. Marriage is about the procreation of humanity You’d think, with a population of approximately 7 billion… Read More »