Monthly Archives: November 2012

No dissension in the ranks!

In my previous two articles, I’ve written about the hijacking of the marriage-equality rallies, and the supposed nature of socialism and GBLTI rights being joined at the hip. As a closing topic, I want to talk briefly about dissension. Some have complained about my articles from the basis of showing dissension. That somehow, since we’re… Read More »

Socialism and GBLTI rights

Since writing about my concerns over the strong socialist political agenda that bleeds into the same-sex marriage equality cause, I’ve had a lot of feedback, both on the blog and within Facebook. Overwhelmingly, that feedback has been positive. People across the board are fed up with feeling that a cause important to them is being… Read More »

Melbourne marriage equality – what a disappointment

I’ve been to three marriage equality rallies in Melbourne now; the third, yesterday, was by far the most disappointing. I believe the organisers of the rally need to have a good hard look at themselves and their bringing of partisan politics, unrelated to the rally, into the event. In the second rally, a speaker (paraphrasing)… Read More »

Why I mix the professional and the personal

I know quite a few people who end up having more than one Twitter account. One will be for business purposes, and the other will be for personal. I understand why they do it – I even understand why some social media “experts” say you should do it. But I can’t – and I won’t. I… Read More »

Why documentation matters

I downloaded a whitepaper the other day from a company I’d never heard of. I’ll call them “Company X”. I’ve only had four coffees today, you see, and I can’t get that imaginative over a company that introduced itself so awfully to me. You see, having never met or communicated with anyone from this company… Read More »

Where are all the outraged catholics?

Another day in Australia, and another shocking child abuse revelation. Yesterday The Age published the article which stated: A GROUP of 15 religious brothers led by an “alpha paedophile” is suspected of the unreported deaths of two boys and the sexual abuse of more than 40 others. The victims – abused over three decades –… Read More »

Don’t preach appeasement at me

“They’re not bigots, they just have strong religious views.” “They’re not bigots, they just have a different cultural background.” “They’re not bigots, they just prefer a conservative fiscal policy.” I’m tired of people who are supportive of bigoted policies preaching at me to follow a path of appeasement. That somehow, to be the “better man”,… Read More »