Monthly Archives: May 2012

You know that moment…

You know that moment… …where you stand in the tea room and joke with your colleague about TV overnight? …when you look at a colleague who walks into the office and you just know they didn’t get a wink of sleep? …where you and your colleagues do a fire drill together and joke all the way… Read More »

You can't make a beard without a bear

Look at the word “beard”. Then look at the word “bear”. Can you see the similarity? By some small coincidence, the words overlap substantially: In The Age, May 6, 2012, “Thar she grows! A city awash with urban whalers“, Gary Tippet repeatedly states that hipsters have lead the way in the return of facial hair:… Read More »

Baillieu MPs prove the need for a GLBTIQ advisory council

In today’s Age Article, “Baillieu cops flak from MPs over gay committee“, (Farrah Tomazin, May 6 2012), we’re told that LNP MPs aren’t happy with Ted Baillieu planning to create a gay and lesbian ministerial advisory committee. Anonymously, one “senior” MP is quoted saying to The Age: “I don’t see what used to be known… Read More »