Monthly Archives: March 2012

No cross on the ballot box

Apparently, there’s a new christian political party in town, the “Australian Christian Party”, and they mean to become the new third force in Australian politics. The Australian political system is historically comprised of two behemoths, the supposedly left-leaning Labor Party and the conservative Liberal/National coalition. Together at any given point these represent the vast majority… Read More »

Running on empty

The interesting thing about sex is that there’s a constant core of sanctimonious puerile obsession about it amongst conservative politicians (world-wide) and religious conservatives/fundamentalists. This obsession with it highlights the great irony of their position – that they’re truly running on empty when it comes to any tangible sense of moral values. If you think… Read More »

The hate truck

Normally when we think of truck based shipping in Australia we think of the contents as being such things as food, consumer goods, even household contents. There’s a new truck driving up the east coast of Australia at the moment, and it’s only got one thing in it: hate. Organised by Peter Madden, who calls… Read More »

When did I become an optimist?

It’s the old comparison – are you a glass-half-full sort of person or a glass-half-empty sort of person? Or maybe even a glass-half-empty-and-leaking sort of person? Years ago, I thought I was a pessimist; “assume the worst, be pleasantly surprised”, seemed to be my mantra. It still is, in some aspects of my life –… Read More »