Monthly Archives: February 2012

Showing restraint

Something that became extremely apparent to me last year when I explored therapy was the sheer physicality of the process of self control. When I find myself sliding I need to do physical things to arrest it, including: Making sure I get out, if I’ve been inside too long; Doing deep breathing exercises; Withdrawing and… Read More »

Studying sleep

Me: “Oh, and supper was sandwiches, like I expected. Four little triangles.” Darren: “Were they sandwiches of indeterminate content?” And so began Darren and my conversation about the sleep study I had this week. I’ve known I’ve had sleep apnoea for years, and of course, I’ve done the dumb man-thing for ages and left it… Read More »

The irony of the 'katmobile'

A while ago, Bob Katter, Australia’s answer to Michele Bachmann, launched his own political party, “Katter’s Australian Party”. (Actually, it’s the second time he tried to launch it; the first time the registration was cocked up and it had to be done again.) Yesterday, with much press attention, Bob Katter launched his “katmobile”; a ridiculous double… Read More »

My personal journey to Apple

A few days ago a University buddy asked me if I’d mind blogging about the factors that led me to the point of being such a strong Apple enthusiast. I’d like, from the outset, to clarify that I’m not a fanboy. I’m a technologist; indeed, frequently those who lump me into the “fanboy” category usually… Read More »